The White House released the video above from the launch last Friday of America’s Great Outdoors, an Obama administration initiative to rethink American conservation policy and get more people — particularly children — into the outdoors.

Here’s a bit of response to the initiative from two opinion pieces on Huffington Post:

Bill Meadows, president of the Wilderness Society:

“It is important that the Administration focus on large areas that have core wild land components – the very lands that provide our pure drinking water and healthy wildlife habitat. The administration should also utilize and empower local stakeholders – such as recreationists and businesses, hunting and angling groups, ranchers and landowners – to lead on restoration and conservation efforts, and work to identify and implement opportunities on our public lands that spur economic growth and enhance the ability of species to adapt to climate change. Finally, the Obama administration should maximize interagency and intergovernmental cooperation to manage our wild areas, and seek opportunities for protecting our public land values through conservation designations, such as national parks, national monuments and wilderness.”

Freddie Wilkinson, a  mountain climber who is a regular Huffington Post contributor:

“As a committed rock and alpine climber, I was surprised to learn that even my own modest constituency had a voice: our man was Brady Robinson, executive director of the Access Fund. Compared to the Sierra Club (membership: 1.3 million; annual budget: $44.6 million) the Access Fund is a small organization, with 10,000 members and an annual budget of roughly one million dollars – making it just the kind of grass-roots organization Obama seemed to be appealing to for fresh ideas.”

“In fact the Access Fund’s presence was thanks in part to a policy strategy it adopted four years ago, when it co-founded the Outdoor Alliance, a policy-advocacy group formed with the American Canoe Association, American Hiking Society, American Whitewater, International Mountain Bicycling Association, and Winter Wildlands Alliance.”

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