Sprinter vans, with their spacious insides, have always seemed like a perfect adventure vehicle, except for one detail: no four-wheel drive. Mercedes-Benz has now remedied that issue by releasing a 4×4 Sprinter in Europe — they will hit the market in 2014.

The company is planning to release the 4×4 models in the United States in 2015, which will give you time to start saving your pennies. They ain’t cheap. They are expected to run around $40,000. But, hey, you can always sell your house and live in it.

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  1. Lynda Nelson

    The Mercedes vans look awesome. One would be just the thing to pull our horses with. The van we use now is a diesel , but, has no four wheel drive. It can be a little hard with a that load on wet grass or frozen ground.

  2. Greg Keith

    Actually, 4×4 Sprinters have been available in Europe for many years, MB just announced some tweaks to the existing 4WD Sprinter features. And what’s coming to America in 2015 is probably a “4Matic” Sprinter with selectable AWD – if the price in Europe is any indicator, it will probably be a US$10K additional charge to the ~US$40K base Sprinter price.

    However, lots of outdoorsy types have built DIY Sprinter camper vans from older, cheaper Sprinters. I’ve got a dozen examples on my Sprinter RV Web site: http://www.sprinter-rv.com/diy-gallery/



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