Monowalker hiking and biking trailer
A first glance, the Monowalker, a “hiking trailer” conceived in Germany, had me snickering. Come on! Man up! Carry it on your back!

But the more I think about…well…maybe it’s cool..?

For one thing it can carry up to 100 pounds of gear. Try carrying that kind of weight on your back for a long distance. Ouch.

Also, contrary to my first assumption, the weight is not all supported by your arms, but is distributed to the waist and shoulders with a harness.

The Monowalker can be converted into a bike trailer (with the purchase of an additional wheel and draw bar) and a backpack. And the ash wood frame gives it a cool old-school vibe.

For me, the jury’s still out. I’m trying to imagine what my wife would say if I brought one home.

“Honey,” I’d say. “They’re all the rage in Europe. And it only cost $1000.”

She’d shake her head in distain and reply: “So are David Hasselhoff and Spandex.”

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Chris Emery is a mutt. Half woodsman, half geek. He spends as much time outdoors as possible. On rainy days, he writes and publishes STRAY.

8 Responses

  1. echo8mike

    There is a void these products fill; disaster readiness. This comes closer than most, but not quite. A few mods are still needed

  2. arnold

    i just had knee surgery and my doctor told me to find another way to backpack, this might be the way to go

  3. Rich Doherty

    I have been thinking of using a trailer to carry my gear when I go backpacking.Being that I am not getting younger and I’m not in the best shape, I feel this Monowalker will help take the strain off my knees and back and allow me to hike further. I like it, I feel I will be very happy to have one. I am ordering one next month.

  4. Jay Wiese

    Looks like just the thing for tropical hiking; keep that sweaty back off your back. Wonder if you can rig it with flotation for crossing water?

  5. Jessie

    You’re right, there’s definitely something silly yet alluring about the Moonwalker. Although, I can’t see it being so nifty when faced with a sudden scramble. Hopefully you can still throw it on your back in such cases?

  6. Karen

    Can’t wait till they come out with a cheaper version here in N.America. I am at the end of my ability to carry a large pack but don’t want to give up the backcountry trips yet. I was thinking of getting the harness attachment for the chariot we used for our son and dragging that behind, but this is a much better size and more manouverable in tight trails.


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