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This is very meta. Epicocity Project, the production company headed by expedition paddler Trip Jennings, has produced a short film about a photography project. A moving picture about picture making.

The film, Flathead Wild, documents a Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions, or R.A.V.E, sponsored by the International League of Conservation Photographers, in which a group of photographers captured iconic images of the Flathead River Valley in Southwestern British Columbia last summer. The intention of the photography project was to raise public awareness that a proposed open pit coal mine threatens this pristine wilderness at the headwaters of Glacier National Park in the United States.

It seems to have worked – along with other efforts. The government of British Columbia this past winter declared the Canadian side of Flathead Valley off limits to mining and energy development. In May, the United States Senate began debating a bill that would ban industrial development in the Montana side of Flathead Valley.

Here’s the documentary:

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